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Matt is a new addition to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. Highly self motivated and determined, Matt put himself through college while maintaining full time employment and gaining work experience in various jobs from the service industry to the golf industry. After college, he was involved with member service and sales for the Automobile Club of Southern California. This experience has been greatly beneficial, as it has allowed Matt to gain valuable customer service and people skills. Having a growing interest for sales, Matt reached out to Pacific Marketing. Matt was initially brought in to support in a service capacity, but quickly proved he had capabilities to do more. Being involved in changeovers, store set ups, and working with outside warehouse distributor salespeople both in and out of his immediate territory he has proven himself to be capable, trustworthy and a valuable team member. Matt now has been given a sales territory, primarily calling on customers in and around the San Diego and Riverside areas.

Work History
Automobile Club of Southern California
Responsibilities included: Assisting members with Auto Club related needs, while offering and providing AAA products and services. Worked in a fast paced, member-facing environment, all while providing quality customer service. Worked in a goal oriented and sales driven environment. This position required proper training, and to be certified by the DMV. Following up with members either by phone, or in person was a key element to success. Displayed ability to resolve member related issues in a timely and efficient manner.


  • Ron Klopf, Western Regional Manager, SKF U.S.A. Inc.: 951-763-9735
  • Michael Cobb, Owner, Automotive Specialty Warehouse : 760-598-4852
  • David Foti, Owner, Wabco Products : 619-466-2800
  • Randall Swedlove, Owner, Morris Automotive Supply: 909-829-4481
  • Cory Cheever, Regional Sales Manager, TRW Automotive: 480-220-1413

    Bachelor of Arts History from California State University, San Bernardino.

    Major Accounts

    Automotive Specialty Warehouse, Morris Automotive, National Petroleum, Victory Auto Supply, Monarch Distributing, Meridian, Wabco, T&L Distributing, Interstate Battery of San Diego, Border Motor Parts, Lubricantes Peninsulares

    Contact Information

    Phone: 714-836-7667, Fax: 714-836-3618

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