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Pacific Marketing Manufacturers Representatives has always and will continue to bring a fresh look to the West Coast. Our company maintains over 500 years of combined hands on experience in the automotive, hardware & consumer products aftermarket. We have three fully staffed offices, our corporate office in Tustin, California, our Phoenix, Arizona office & our Portland, Oregon office. Today, we offer 20 sales & service personnel, providing quality sales representation for all your company’s needs. 
Our objective is to represent the finest companies in the automotive, hardware & consumer products aftermarket, with the managing partners giving specialized attention to each customer. Our marketplace has changed tremendously over the past 10 years. No longer can a manufacturer rely on selling existing major accounts. Pacific Marketing recognizes the diversity of the marketplace and will look for and cultivate opportunities that may not be apparent to others. Pacific Marketing conducts sales, marketing, and service in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii. Additionally, we have the expertise and contacts to call on specialty accounts, warehouse clubs, and e-retailers i.e. Amazon, Costco, Costco Mexico, Price Smart, and Nutrend.
Pacific Marketing strives to be on the cutting edge of technology by investing in state of the art communications and software products. We do this to become more efficient and accessible for both our manufacturers and customers.
The key to Pacific Marketing's success is having an energetic, hard working and innovative sales force that will go where the business is. We are the company with experience, desire and the ability to get the job done not only for today, but well into the future.

"Working to Build Your Business"

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